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  3. R&D

    R&D Achievements

    Technology Support

    We have developed a significant competitive advantage with our fully-integrated drug discovery and development process. We also have developed various proprietary technologies. The Company has undertaken more than 20 key national scientific technology related projects, such as the National Science and Technology Major Project. 

    R&D Pipeline

    From 2011 to June, 2018.We have a proven track record of R&D experience as evidenced by our top-tow ranking in both the number of Category 1.1 innovative drug candidates with IND approval and the number of first-to-market generic drug approvals .We have a pipeline of nearly 100 drug candidates, six of which are Category 1.1 innovative drugs with NMEs that have entered into Phase II clinical trial or more advanced stages.

    Patent Application

    As of May 24, 2019, we had applied for 107 main patents in China, including five patents on chemical compounds, and had been granted 119 main patents in China, including ten patents involving chemical compounds. In addition, as of the Latest Practicable Date, we had been granted 41 patents abroad, including 21 patents involving chemical compounds and have applied for 61 patents abroad, including 25 patents on chemical compounds.